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C900 Headliner Repair
Step 2

Now it's time for the hard work!

The first thing you need to do is remove the old material.

Remove the staples holding the material to the shell and just pull off the old material.

You will be left with all of the old foam still stuck to the shell. This is where the wire brush comes in. Be careful not to dig to far into the shell with the wire brush, as any craters will show up when you lay the new material down.
Having a friend use a vacuum to suck up the old foam while you wire brush it off, keeps the mess at a minimum.

The final step is to use some sandpaper to clean up and blend in any craters that were created.

cleaning_headliner.jpg - 31416 Bytes  cleaning_headliner1.jpg - 34468 Bytes
sanding_headliner.jpg - 38951 Bytes  clean_headliner.jpg - 39910 Bytes

Laying down the new material is very straight forward. You spray both shell and material, wait 2-5 minutes and then lay the material down.

Lay the material down in sections as it makes it easier to control. Be sure to leave a couple inches on the ends so you can wrap the material around the shell.
Be careful of the fumes, as it can KILL you. Royce and I decided to put on our gas masks to prevent any chance of inhaling the fumes.

gas_masks.jpg - 28185 Bytes  sprayglue1.jpg - 27306 Bytes
sprayglue3.jpg - 29615 Bytes  glueends.jpg - 32477 Bytes

Once the material is down, you need to cut some holes for the various accessories. Cut the smallest hole possible, as this will keep the material tight.

When you cut the sunroof opening, leave about 3-4 inches of slack in the sunroof section. This extra material will actually be wrapped around the sunroof box and not around the shell.

Remember, it's always easier to cut more material off, so leave yourself enough to play with.
Ask me how I know! I messed up the sunroof section and had to improvise a little bit!

cuttingholes.jpg - 23479 Bytes  finished.jpg - 24740 Bytes

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