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9000 Heater Core
Step 3

Insert the new heater core into the car. I noticed that the new core seemed to sit in the hole rather loosely. Saab does sell some stuff that goes around the heater core to make it fit tighter, but I decided to use some velco and an heater hose. With that, it fits in there snug and won't rattle around.

heatercore_fillgap.jpg - 18234 Bytes

Now you need to put in the blower motor. This seemed more difficult than removing it!

There is a lip on top of the blower housing that needs to go into heater core area first. So once you get the blower in the general area, you then push the top of the blower into the heater core and then drop down the blower and fit it into the plastic tabs. Since the A/C evaporator is in your way, this is much easier with two people! One to hold the evaporator out of the way and the other to fit the blower.

After this you need to hook up the flap and plug in the blower motor. I chose to leave off the clip on the flapper as it fell down and I couldn't find it!

Now connect the heater core hoses. The longer hose goes on the bottom,

heatercore_hoses4.jpg - 16758 Bytes  heatercore_hoses2.jpg - 16758 Bytes

Now bolt the AC evaporator down and replace the false bulkhead. Reconnect the items onto the false bulkhead and fill up the coolant system. It's time to test everything before going any further!

  • Test that the blower motor changes speed and doesn't make any noise.
  • Look for water leaks at the hoses.
  • Make sure the flapper moves when you go full hot to full cold. This is easier with two people.
  • If everything looks good, attach the windshield water hose to the false bulkhead cover and screw it down, put the hood back on and call it a day!

    You might need to adjust the hood before closing it! The posts on the hood should go right in the middle of the holes. Otherwise the hood won't open back up!

    royce.jpg - 10470 Bytes

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