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9000 Heater Core
Step 2

There are not a lot of pictures for the blower motor stuff as the space is tight and a camera won't fit!

Disconnet the blower motor plug and take off the flapper spring from the flapper arm. I found that it didn't matter where I set the flapper as it wasn't in the way either way. This is located on the left side of the blower and is tough to get to.

The next thing you need to do is release the two plastic clips that hold the blower to the firewall. You do this by simply prying back on the clip and pull on the blower motor until it comes out of the clip.

Finally, remove the 2 screws that hold the AC evaporator down. Lift up on the AC evaporator about 6-8 inches and then remove the blower fan by pulling and twisting it out. It takes a little bit of work, but it comes out!

NOTE: With older 9000's you need to remove the wiper mechanism to make enough room. Too bad for you guys!

blower2_small.jpg - 16941 Bytes

heatercore.jpg - 19428 Bytes

You will now see the heater core right in front and it will come right out.

You will also be able to easily see the place where it leaked!

blowncore.jpg - 28308 Bytes

Now it's time to replace the blower motor assembly and heater flaps. This is a straight forward procedure.

First, remove the middle heater flap and the rest of the flaps come right out. After that you unscrew one screw and remove the 4 clips that hold the blower together. The two halves just come apart after that.

blower.jpg - 22141 Bytes

Remove the one screw holding at the back of the blower motor, take off the clip and unlplug the the wires.
To remove the blower motor from the housing, insert a screwdriver/punch and hammer the blower out.

If you bought just the motor, you will need to remove the blades from the old motor and put them on the new one. Be careful as you don't want to put to much stress on the shaft when pushing the blades on the new motor.

blower_motor.jpg - 21253 Bytes

Once the new blades are on, you push the new motor into the housing and put the blower back together! Hopefully you don't have any extra parts laying around!

blower2.jpg - 16941 Bytes

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