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9000 DIY Fuel Pump
Step 2

Now for the hard part! Some of the following steps are difficult to understand without the parts right in front of you.

I did not buy the extra fuel line offered by eeuroparts.com but if you end up splitting the old line you will need to buy some more!

First put the top rubber SOB piece back on. I again used the oven to make the rubber flexible. Spray the pump with some WD40 or some other lubricant to help it slip back into the filter housing.

Attach the top plastic ring and insert the edge of the pump canister into the top rubber piece. Now slip on the plastic ring to hold everything together.

topring.jpg - 40203 Bytes

Connect the two pump pieces back together forming one unit again.

Refitting the old fuel line to the pump is a small battle, but I found by using a hair dryer on the fuel line it became more flexible and then putting some Vaseline on the barbs, I eventually got the line back on the new pump!

I did end up removing the two metal supports from the pump base to make more room for my fingers.
Now connect the electrical wires and the pump is ready to go back in.

fuelpumpcan.jpg - 43933 Bytes

To repair the broken supply or return line you need to buy a new supply fitting from eeuroparts.com. Also be sure to buy 4 new o-rings!

The supply line will only allow fuel to go up and the return line will only allow fuel to go down.
Since eeuroparts only supplies one of the sides, you can convert the supply fitting to a return fitting pretty easily.

To do the conversion, using a small straight edge screwdriver pry off the end and remove the guts.

fitting1.jpg - 108660 Bytes

Use a small screwdriver to pull out the small gap ring.

fitting3.jpg - 109106 Bytes

Pry off the end of the old fitting and note how the guts are arranged.

fitting2.jpg - 113878 Bytes

Place the guts into the new fitting and slip on the end cap.

fitting4.jpg - 74987 Bytes

fitting5.jpg - 109317 Bytes

If you have the 6mm pump you might have noticed that the new fitting is 8mm in size. The new fitting will not fit back onto the old fuel line.

There are two options, Since the fitting is plastic, you can grind it down a little bit to fit the smaller fuel line. This is the option I chose

The other option is to get an 8mm line and slip that on the fitting and use a hose clamp to hold the old 6mm line inside the 8mm line.

Remove the old broken fitting by using a razor and cutting the fuel line at the second barb. I first cut a circle around the barb and then slice straight down to split the line. Since my fitting was ground down the line does go on much easier, but it is still a small battle. Again I used a hairdryer and Vaseline to make life easier.

fitting6.jpg - 56776 Bytes

fitting7.jpg - 70701 Bytes

Drop the pump back into the tank and tighten down the plastic ring with the pliers.

Put on the new o-rings on the fuel line fittings and insert the fittings into the correct places. The pump is labeled supply and return to help you.

Run the pump and make sure there are no leaks and that the pump works!

Finally, install the safety hold-down, put the cover back on and call it done!

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