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9000 DIY Fuel Pump
Step 1

The first thing to do is to pull up the rear floor and remove the pump cover.

Disconnect the plug so you can get the pump cover out of the way. The plug is similar to the DI cassette plug where you slide out the red tab and the two parts separate.

You will also need to remove the trim piece that covers the access hole behind the backseat. Since my CD seat does not fold down, I resorted to ripping out that piece as one screw is inaccessible with a screwdriver!

pump_cover.jpg - 73484 Bytes

plug.jpg - 70701 Bytes

Take off the plastic hold-down so you can remove the fuel lines and the other side of the electrical plug.

WARNING!!! The plastic fuel line connectors are very delicate!!!

Before trying to remove the fuel lines spray some WD40 or some kind of lubricant down each hole. Then carefully twist and pull the line out of the socket.

It's not the end of the world if you break one (as you can see in the picture!), we will fix it later in this section!

broken_adapter.jpg - 60022 Bytes

Now you need to loosen the ring holding down the pump. Take a large pair of adjustable pliers and turn them upside down so that each end is inside a groove of the ring, then twist the handle counter-clockwise to loosen the ring.

Once the ring is loose remove it and pull out the pump. It is a tight fit, but it does just fit.
If you chose to buy the whole unit, then you just need to put in the new unit, hook everything back up and call it a day!

For those that went the cheap route, continue reading on!

fuelpumpcan.jpg - 43933 Bytes

Push in the four tabs to separate the assembly.

tabs.jpg - 45277 Bytes

removepump1.jpg - 44690 Bytes

Pull off the electrical wires and then cut the fuel line. Try to leave a little bit of the expanded section for easier re assembly!

removepump2.jpg - 43235 Bytes

removepump3.jpg - 38884 Bytes

Pull off the filter element

removepump4.jpg - 41537 Bytes

Now for the hard part. The last rubber piece is a very tight fit. Since it was about 20 degrees outside, I decided to heat up the rubber by placing the entire pump in the oven (preheated to warm) for about 1-2 minutes. This was enough to make it stretchable and slip it off. Don't pull on the lip of the piece as you will rip the rubber piece into two pieces!

removepump5.jpg - 44889 Bytes

Now that the pump is out, take a close look at your pump and see if you have the 6mm output or the 8mm output. Usually a 3-barbed pump is a 6mm pump and a single barb is the 8mm one.

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