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9000 Drivetrain
Replace and Reinstall

Now it's time to remove the axle from the CV and see the damage. First, use wire cutters to remove the clip that is holding the cv boot onto the hub.

To free the axle from the CV joint, there is a C-Clip that needs to be split open. Unfortunately, it is completely invisible in the grease! I use a screwdriver to open it enough to get my c-clip pliers in there to do the rest.

Once the clip is open, the axle will pull right out. For inexperienced folk, this may be easier with two people!

cvold.jpg - 19779 Bytes  cvclip.jpg

Now it's time to inspect for any damage that may have occurred while the boot was broken. The first sign will be no grease left in the CV joint. This is bad, as the CV joint will wear out very fast when this happens. The second sign is having dirt/sand in the grease. This wears down the balls of the CV joint and it doesn't move as smoothly.

To really see the damage you need to take apart the CV joint to look at the CV balls and the walls of the CV joint.

First, remove the balls by using a screwdriver to move the joint to one side and pull the ball out. Once the first ball is remove, the rest almost falls out. The CV is then easily removed from the carrier.

cv_noaxle.jpg  cv_removed.jpg

cv_cleaned.jpg  cv_cleaned2.jpg

Now inspect the CV carrier walls for scratch marks and wear. Also inspect the CV balls for gouge marks from dirt and sand. If you find scratches or gouges, you should replace the whole CV joint.

If the damage is significant, you can order new CV joints from any online Saab store. The outer half of the CV joint is attached to the spindle with a big nut. You just need to undue the nut and the outer CV hub will come out. The real trick is holding the spindle still and stopping the rotor from turning so you can get the nut off. A big impact wrench is the best tool for this.

If everything looks good, it's time for reassembly! This can be more complicated than it looks.
Take your time and it will go smoothly.

First, insert the cv joint into carrier. Then, one by one, insert the balls into the joint.

I use a little grease to make moving the CV joint around easier.

insertball2.jpg - 18126 Bytes  insertball3.jpg - 18843 Bytes

insertball4.jpg - 17579 Bytes  insertball5.jpg - 18609 Bytes

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