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To aid in removing and reinstalling the oil pan, you need to remove the bolt for the tranny motor mount. Once this is done, you need to have another floor jack available to jack up the tranny. If you do not do this, reinstalling the oil pan will be very difficult. You only need to raise the tranny a couple of inches to give the necessary clearance.

Now that the exhaust is out of the way, you can remove the small tranny cover. This cover blocks 3 of the oil pan bolts.

I'm not sure if this is the same for manual transmission cars or not. If it is different, please send me a picture so I can update this part.

There are two small screws holding the cover on. They should come off very easily.

Now you can start unbolting the oil pan bolts. I believe there are 18 of them. The hardest are the ones near the crank pulley. You cannot get a ratchet on them so you have to use a hand wrench the whole way. To pull the oil pan out, you need to push it toward the crank pulley and then pull it out at an angle towards the transmission. It is a tight fit and you may need a small pry bar to help get it past the transmission.

Now that you have the oil pan out you can do your first assessment. Does it look like this?

Or this?

Obviously if your oil pan resembles the second picture, then you have a major issue. You can clean up the oil pan, but you also need to do a full engine flush and remove your valve (cam) cover and take a look at that as well.

You can use brake cleaner or some kerosene to clean out the sludge from the oil pan.

There are 4 torx screws that you need to find. This will remove the baffle and give you access to some more torx screws. Remove these and then remove your oil pickup screen. If it's blocked pretty good, you should just buy a new one. Otherwise, just spray it with brake cleaner or soak it in kerosene.

There is a little rubber o-ring at the end of the oil pickup screen. If the tube fits loosely in the oil pan, you should replace this o-ring. This will help keep your oil pressure high.

So now you know the condition of your engine. My oil pan was very clean for 86,000 miles. Now it's time for reassembly!

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