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Blown bulbs in the center console is a common occurrence.  For automatic cars, there are 4 bulbs. For manual cars, there is only 3.

Some of these bulbs can be bought online and others must be bought at the dealer.
The best sources are www.thesaabsite and www.genuinesaab.com

Click on the component to jump to the correct section.
Part # Component
47-77-165 Winter mode Light Bulb
50-14-253 Cigarette Lighter Bulb
49-29-287 Central lock Bulb
47-77-181 Gear Selection Bulb (Auto only)

Winter Button Bulb

Replacing this bulb is really easy. Just pry up on the button and it comes right out.

To remove the bulb, just use a small screwdriver and turn it 1/2 turn counter clockwise.  Insert in the new bulb, turn it 1/2 turn clockwise. Push the button back into the slot and call it a day!

Cigarette Lighter Bulb, Central Locking Bulb and Gear Selection Bulb

I do not have the exact procedure or pictures for a manual car, but it is probably almost identical.

Pull off the trim ring around the shifter housing. I found it easiest to insert a screwdriver in the seem and pull it up.

Remove the center cubby. I put the car in drive and then turned the car off so the shifter would be out of the way. You need to use a small screwdriver and pry up from the center. Once the tab is free, you can pull out the piece.

Pull out the seat heater and ventilated seat switches. Make a note of which plug goes to which switch!

Remove the two torx screws holding down the trim piece and then lift it up from the back.
To remove it you basically pull it straight back. You need to lift the middle part over the gear selection piece. Unfortunately, you cannot remove this piece until after the trim piece is removed!

Be very careful with the two sides of the trim piece. There is not a lot of material there and it can crack in half if you bend it too much.

Once the trim piece is free, you need to disconnect the cigarette lighter and bulb from the trim piece.

You do not have to remove the plug for the central locking switch. There is enough slack in the wires.

You can now replace the cigarette lighter bulb and the central lock bulb.

To get access to the shift light, you need to pull off the black shifter housing. There are 4 big tabs. I use a small screwdriver and my finger to push in the tab and pull up that corner of the housing. Do not force this anything, if you cannot get the corner free, then you probably aren't pressing in the correct spot. Once you get 3 sides out, the fourth should come out pretty easy.

You will not be able to completely remove the housing as the shifter is in the way. But it does get out of the way just enough to reach the bulb. Once you get this off, you lift up on the green strip and then pull off the second strip below that. The bulb is located below the "1" position. 

The bulb is a press-in/pull-out design. Haynes recommends using a hose that fits over the bulb. I used some needle nose pliers and was very careful not to press them too hard together.

Putting the center console back together is pretty much the same as pulling it apart.

Some tips for you!

  • While everything is apart you can clean up the pieces and remove the dirt that you cannot reach when everything is together.
  • Don't forget to check to make sure the bulbs work before putting everything back together! You will not generate any error codes with the switches unplugged!
  • Be sure to hook up the wires for the cigarette lighter and bulb before pressing the final trim piece into place. It is very difficult to do when it's in place.
  • Be careful when installing the final trim piece. You want to set the top of the piece (seat heater section) and then push the piece from the back into place. It should move over the shifter housing much easier than removal.

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